Why Condenser Mics Aren’t the Best Option for Most Beginner Podcasters

Why Condenser Mics Aren’t the Best Option for Most Beginner Podcasters

Condenser microphones are famous for their pristine audio quality and they’re widely used in professional audio production facilities.

For that reason, a lot of podcasters also go for condenser microphones to make their podcasts sound better.

Traditionally condenser mics are highly sensitive and they’re built to be used in fairly soundproof and acoustically treated places such as recording studios.

While they work well in studios, when you use a condenser microphone at your home or office, it might pick up more noise than a dynamic microphone.

If you have a co-host or a guest, condenser mics might pick up the other person’s voice, making it harder to edit.

On top of that, condenser microphones are more expensive and need to be handled carefully and taken good care of.

While dynamic microphones aren’t as sensitive as condenser microphones, they make up for it by picking up less noise than condenser microphones in home environments.

Microphone manufacturers also have noticed this issue and quite a few decent quality dynamic microphones specifically designed for podcasting came into the market in the last few years.

So, if you’re looking for new microphones for your podcast, think about your recording environment.

If you have a very quiet and less echoey place to record, go get a condenser microphone.

But if that’s not that case, you should consider going for a dynamic microphone.

As your podcast grows and you create a better recording environment, you can upgrade to a fancy condenser mic later.

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