Headphones: Open Back Vs. Closed Back – Which One’s Better for Your Podcast?

Headphones: Open Back Vs. Closed Back – Which One’s Better for Your Podcast?

Open back and closed back are 2 flavors of headphones that are meant for different purposes. As the names suggest, the back side of open back headphones have little vents that allow air to pass through the cup. Closed back headphones are sealed and no vents are present in the back of the earcup. The purpose of these vents in open back models is to prevent pressure building up inside the headphones that affects the sound. Open back headphones sound better, more natural and have a wider stereo image than their closed counterparts.

So, should I get a pair of open backs? Wait, there’s a more to it than that. Because of the air vents, open back headphones give lesser isolation than closed ones. The sound that comes from the speakers comes out of the headphones more than closed one and people surrounding you will also hear what you listen via open headphones more than closed ones .This can be a problem when recordings because sometimes sensitive microphones tend to pick up the sound coming from the headphones.

So, if you’re using your headphones more fir editing and listening and you’re in a quiet environment open back headphones can give you a better experience. If you’re using them for recording you should go for closed back headphones.

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