Don’t Have a Studio? Record in Your Car

Don’t Have a Studio? Record in Your Car

Yes, you read it right. Record in the car.

Inside of a car is a very good place to record your podcast

If you don’t have a fancy studio or time or funds to acoustically treat your room, your best option is your car. Cars are confined spaces with a significant amount of sound isolation from outside due to the sealed doors and windows. In addition, they also have sound blocking material installed to block the engine sound from reaching the cabin. On the other hand, the seats of a car can work as absorptive material and uneven surfaces reflect sounds in to different directions, reducing chances of creating annoying reverb/echoes you get with solid walls in your house. So, you already have a fairly soundproofed place with a bit of acoustic treatment.

Of course it’s a bad idea to record in a car with the engine turned on but once it’s in your garage and engine’s shut off you’ll get a quieter environment than your home of office. The air conditioner also might make a noise it’s better to turn it off. Now, recording in a car has its challenges like mounting your mic or powering up your devices but the better sound you get will be worth it.

If you have a portable recorder like Zoom H4N it’ll be much easier in a car. You can also use your laptop with a USB audio interface to record from a condenser mic or use a USB condenser microphone. Or you can just use your mobile phone.

Don’t forget to try this and let us know your thoughts. Happy podcasting!

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