Promoting Your Podcast.

Promoting Your Podcast.

Podcast promotion is something that’s on the mind of every podcaster out there. Here are some methods to promote your podcast and its content.

Release At Least 3 Episodes On Launch Day.

If you haven’t already published your podcast release at least 3 episodes when you first launch it. The reason being, as a podcaster you want to engage your listeners quickly in order to get them interested in subscribing to your podcast when you release a few episodes initially, listeners can explore your content allowing them to become interested and invested in your podcast.

Submit To Podcatchers And Podcast Directories

A podcatcher also is known as a podcast aggregator is simply an app that will play your podcast while a directory is where listeners can find and access your podcasts. Create accounts and submit your podcasts to directories such as Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Podbay, Podcast Republic, Soundcloud, and TuneIn. Apple Podcasts is the largest directory for Podcasts and has an audience of over 60 million and Spotify has over 140 million users while Google Podcasts was launched recently in 2018, which is a platform for Android users to find your podcast hence are good directories to submit your podcast to.

Create a Website and Podcast SEO

To increase the reach of your podcast, create a website and/or a blog for it. A blog will attract new listeners as you connect with blog readers. You can create a website using software such as Weebly, WebFlow, Macaw, and Adobe Dreamweaver while you can create a blog using WordPress and Evernote.

Once you create your website you can add links to view to your podcast on directories such as iTunes, links to your podcast’s social media pages, and blog posts. You can even embed a podcast player on the website so listeners can listen to your podcast on your website itself!

An SEO ( Search Engine Optimisation) is critical for your discovery both on the web and in directories, so for each podcast episode make it more discoverable by choosing a keyword, creating social media and blog posts.

Social Media

Social media is a great way to connect with new people and grow your audience. Social Media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter allows you to promote your podcast in many different ways!

Join, Create and Add Value on Social Media

Start by creating pages on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for your Podcast. Then you can begin sharing teaser clips, sound bites, videos, and images of your podcast episodes for your audience to view. To create videos you can use apps such as Headliner and many podcast hosts such as Buzzsprout and Overcast offer services to create clips.

You can also create posts and tweets featuring your podcast iTunes, Spotify, and Google podcast URL so viewers can quickly and easily access your podcast. Further, you can join groups and communities on social media related to your podcast topic and start discussions centered around your episode topics to get members interested in listening to your podcast. You can even add value to the community by sharing your ideas and asking what they know about the topic. For example, for all those podcasters out there having a podcast related to coffee, Facebook has numerous groups such as World Of Coffee and Coffee Geek you can join.

Make Your Podcast Available On Youtube

YouTube is the second largest search engine hence is a great way to let others find your podcast. You can get double the exposure from one episode by repurposing its content for YouTube. Create a YouTube channel for your podcast and then upload your content. To upload to YouTube all you have to do is convert your MP3 file into an MP4 format and add an image to appear for the length of the video. Windows users can use Windows Movie Maker while Mac users can use iMovie to do the conversion. Alternatively, you can choose to record both audio and video for each podcast episode and publish them however, this is more costly and will require more equipment.

You can also take the full-length Youtube video and cut it into smaller clips. This way you’ll be able to captivate viewers who consume both long and short videos.

Build a Podcast Network

Join Groups and Communities

You can join online communities and local groups related to your podcast topic and use this as a platform to promote your podcast. You can start a discussion on Facebook groups and/or present a topic in your local group based on your podcast episodes. Further, you can join and contribute to meet-ups, events, and conferences to get people interested in checking out your podcast. It’s important that you meet people and promote your podcast in events and conferences as word of mouth advertising is one of the most effective marketing strategies available so research about local events in your area that relate to your podcast and create a network by speaking to the event’s attendees and speakers. You can even have some business cards with you to give way.

Tell Your Friends And Family To Check Out And Listen To Your Podcast.

Build A Network With Other Podcasters

Promoting a podcast well means staying on top of new ideas, trends, and techniques. The best way to keep yourself informed is by joining a community with other podcasters on social media. As you interact in the group it will also help spread the word about your podcast.

Partner Up And Cross-Promote


Cross-promotion simply is where you would promote another podcasters content on your show and will promote your content on their show. Contact other podcasters that have similar audiences to yours and ask them whether they would be interested in cross-promotion. With the desktop Apple Podcast app, you can find shows with overlapping audiences to yours by clicking the related tab.

Be a Guest And/Or Invite a Guest

Being a guest on another show is a great way to introduce your content to a new audience. Similarly, including interesting and relevant guests on your show will engage your audience more and attract new listeners as fans of your guest begin listening. You can even record tag-lines with your guests and post them on social media to attract more listeners!

Have A Giveaway Contest

Set up a giveaway contest may be on social media, where the winners receive something that relates to your podcast. For example, if you have a podcast about marketing tactics you could give way marketing books or tickets to a lecture on marketing.

A giveaway will give people an incentive to listen and subscribe to your podcast thus attracting more views.

In order to manage your online giveaway, you can use apps such as Wishpond and Woobox!

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